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Ticket Opening: January 16th, 2pm (CET)

Independent South Korean artists & label owners from20 & HELLO GLOOM will embark on their first European tour “Fast On The Highway” in April 2024. The duo, who debuted as Kpop idols but have since focused on pursuing a fulfilling solo career, will perform in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.

from20, also known as Kim Raehwan (김래환), a former member and main vocal of Kpop boy group BIGSTAR, is a songwriter, producer, video director, editor, and everything in-between. As a soloist, he has offered his own take on the modern-retro combination releasing tracks heavily influenced by the 80s and synth pop.

HELLO GLOOM, also known as Na Ungjae (나웅재), a former member of Kpop boy group IMFACT, is an idol turned independent singer-songwriter. Offering a refreshing dose of sincerity, passion, and self-acceptance, he has released music ranging from introspective pop to entrancing dance beats accompanied by genderless visual aesthetic.

Together from20 and HELLO GLOOM established WAY BETTER, previously known as THE FAKER CLUB, a company, which has allowed them to generate creative output in music, fashion, and video production on their own terms serving as an avenue to expand the boundaries of Kpop  and present a New Vision for the cultural industry.  


Poland, Warsaw (Hybrydy) – April 9, 2024

Germany, Cologne (Club Volta) – April 11, 2024

Netherlands, Amsterdam (P60) – April 12, 2024

France, Paris (New Morning) – April 15, 2024

UK, London (O2 Islington) – April 17, 2024