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We will publish the first results of the competition at the end of May


What would you say to a casual little competition between our Diadems?

At the beginning of each month until 15th December 2024, we will update this table with fresh status of sale per each city / per each category of tickets and addons.

We would like to gratify the first three cities that achieve sold out status in tickets and addons sales.

Not every venue has this same capacity. To make it fair we use smallest venue capacity as valid for all cities.

Prizes will not be part of merch. Winning is only way for get it. Gifts would be given to every attendance of our show.

The city that is the FIRST to achieve sold out in 5 categories wins ROLLING QUARTZ gold** guitar pick + poster + wristband

The city that is the SECOND to achieve sold out in 5 categories wins ROLLING QUARTZ silver** guitar pick + poster

The city that is the THIRD to achieve sold out in 5 categories wins ROLLING QUARTZ bronze** guitar pick

A legend for our 사자탈 *

Far away
Pretty close
Sold out!
Highest score

*scroll down if you want to learn more about Lion mask

** by gold, silver and bronze, we obviously do not mean real metals.

Sold out meter


The Korean Lion Dance, known as “Sajatalchum,” is one of Korea’s traditional art forms and holds significant cultural value.

Saja – Lion
Tal – Mask
Chum – Dance

The dance involves mimicking the movements of a lion, where dancers leap, lift their knees, and shake their manes, utilizing various actions to portray the characteristics of a lion. A central feature of Sajatalchum is the lion mask and costume; the mask is distinctively designed with large eyes, a wide mouth, and a mane.

The lion wanders through villages, pretending to devour evil spirits and malevolent forces to bring blessings. Dancers also make offerings to ancestral spirits in kitchens. Additionally, there are beliefs associated with the lion dance: riding the lion is thought to improve a child’s health, and possessing a piece of the lion mask’s fur is believed to bring longevity.